Saturday, 12 July 2014

New Deployment Task List

These are the design plans I need to complete:

  1. Create an Information architecture design
  2. Create a logical architecture design
  3. Create a logical Service Application architecture
  4. Create a capacity and performance plan for SharePoint 2010
  5. Map the logical architecture, service application architecture, and the capacity and performance plan against a physical architecture
  6. Design a security plan for SharePoint 2010 based on the principle of least-privilege
  7. Create an authentication plan for SharePoint 2010 that meets the business requirements
  8. Create a corporate taxonomy plan for a SharePoint 2010 environment and enable consumption of the terms within the term store
  9. Design a SharePoint 2010 environment that supports social computing features including user profiles and My Sites
  10. Design and implement search strategy in SharePoint 2010
  11. Translate business requirements for content management into an Enterprise Content Management solution
  12. Create a plan that reflects the role of SharePoint in an overarching corporate Business Intelligence strategy
  13. Develop the key SharePoint elements of a governance plan that is in agreement with the overarching corporate governance strategy
  14. Develop a plan for maintaining and monitoring a SharePoint 2010 deployment
  15. Develop a business continuity plan for SharePoint 2010 

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