Saturday, 23 March 2013

Governance - SharePoint service overview

·         The SharePoint ProjectSpace and TeamSpace services are designed for:
o   Sharing of information and documents specific to either teams, Business Units, Divisions or Group-wide (TeamSpace) or project lifecycle information (ProjectSpace)
§  Sites can be restricted to particular users or groups
o   Collaborating on information and documents
o   The types of information that can be stored in either of these services are:
§  Document Libraries
§  Lists
§  Wiki
§  Survey
§  Discussion Board
§  Blogs
§  Meeting Workspace
§  Document Workspace
§  InfoPath Form Libraries

·         The service should not be used for the following:
o   Storing any data that is classified as Highly Confidential
o   Hosting Web Based Content
§  No publishing of HTML or HTM pages or any other 3rd party created web pages.
§  For use on other systems or platforms (i.e. images for Interchange)
o   Hosting Media (i.e. video)
o   Host business critical information or application data
o   Hosting business processes (including control, data management or workflow)
o  End User Computing (EUC) solutions such as use of MS Access, MS Excel etc to download data or query lists etc
o   Creating customised applications
§  Only standard Web Parts are available on these services
§  Host JavaScript or any form of code libraries
§  Customised pages (CSS etc.)
o   Replacement for databases (i.e. large lists >2000)
§  This breaks Microsoft recommendation and are generally considered business applications
o   Deeply nested user and group permissions
o   Access via any development tools (i.e. SharePoint Designer)
o   Large SharePoint Sites should not synchronised offline by individuals

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