Wednesday, 12 August 2015

SharePoint service transition: Criteria workflow for acceptance of Production farm to Live

Below is a real-world list of steps that can be used to track SharePoint acceptance to Live service:

High Level Design (HDD) authorised 
HLD Document
Low Level Design (LLD) Authorised 
LLD Document
Service Design Document (SDD) authorised 
SDD Document
Where one exists, has the best practice analysis tools been run against the estate?
Best Practice Report
Application performance for scale: What evidence is there that this architecture will work for the nominated load?
Run a load tester application to model the load. Run sizing tools from the vendor.
As built document.
Run through LLD against currently installed environment to check settings are as they say. Produce compliance / Gaps document.
Has the design been validated that it matches the solution deployed? I.E. the LLD matches the solution & SDD. This is regarded as 'as built' and significantly reduces the risk of the intended design not being implemented correctly
Do this with a different resource than who wrote the LLD to reduce the risk of repeated errors
Can all workload characteristics be measured and planned for?
SCOM monitoring in place
Backup and Recovery Implemented and Tested
Test Plan
Has monitoring been setup & tested as detailed in the LLD, or the monitoring and management plan document
SCOM monitoring in place in prelive and Test plan updated. Testing carried out
Have Topology Diagrams been loaded into the Procedures Database?
Document in Procedures Database
SSL and other certificates documented
SSL and other Cert Information stored
Are support procedures in place? E.g. monitoring, reporting
Monitoring and reporting processes in place
Are disk/storage thresholds set and monitored?
SCOM thresholds in place
Process in place to handle breaches in storage?
Process Database updated with breach process
Are the Server pre-live checks complete and passed?
Pre-live checks are done
Is SCOM clear of alerts for whole estate?
Review Pre-live in SCOM
Has the implementation plan been agreed?
Project Plan updated (use the collateral in the ST folder for OAC/OAM)
Go Live Tasks/Final commissioning
Final Go Live checks completed
Are the Servers set to live in SCOM?
Servers set to live

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